A Little Update

I know it's been a little quiet around here lately.  Like hearing crickets chirping quiet.  I know.  I feel like every post I've written in the past six months mentions how busy we are and how I just can't keep track of how quickly the time is passing lately.

I knew something had to give, otherwise I would fit right into Einstein's definition of insanity.  Since I obviously couldn't take a break from watching our child, or making sure my family is fed, I decided to take a little break from blogging.  The one thing that consumes quite a bit of time when I do it regularly, but isn't a must-do for our family to function.

I intended to just take a break through the holidays, because that's always such a hectic time.  But then we all caught a cold the week of Christmas, and H went on a sleeping & napping strike, and decided he was done wearing diapers all at once.

If you're keeping track that leaves us trying to potty-train a toddler, while sleep deprived and recovering from a cold as I entered the third trimester of pregnancy.  Not really a glamorous few weeks around here!  So for the past few weeks I've chosen napping over blogging, and I have no regrets.  ;)

But, as usual, in the past week or so I've started missing blogging.  It's always been an outlet for me to just sit down and write.  It's not always entertaining, (I'm sure), certainly not enlightening, but especially now when I spend most of my day communicating with a toddler with limited vocabulary, it's nice sometimes to sit down and string together sentences that contain words with more than two syllables.  Even if no one ever reads a word I write, I still value the opportunity to just sit down type out semi-coherent, (hopefully), thoughts.

So, here's a little update on what we've been up to in the last couple months since I last posted!  Just a warning these are all phone pictures.  Sorry to be so lame.  ;)

We FINALLY finished painting the living room ceiling, including replacing the fan with one that will not randomly fall out of the ceiling because it's not installed properly.  Well, 95% finished.  It still needs a couple touch-ups of paint and caulk.  Lowe's was out of the delicate painters tape that we were using, so we had to take a little break from working on the ceiling before it was 100%, but we got new tape this weekend and are ready to fully mark this beast off our to-do list!

I'll do a big post on this soon, (hopefully!), detailing how we did everything.  It was definitely a process!  I know paining wood isn't for everyone, but we are SO happy with the results.  For
or us, it was worth all the hours, (and hours, and hours), of work!  It also looks a million times better in person than it does in crazy iPhone pictures.

We ended up not skipping Christmas, we just had a pretty laid back one. ;)  Instead of doing a few Christmas trees like we normally do, we just did one in the living room.  H helped decorate the tree, and our "theme" this year was apparently a contest to see how many ornaments we could fit on one tree.  I think we won. ;)

We also ended up making lots of homemade Christmas presents!  We always say we want to do this, and don't end up following through.  I always chicken out of giving away homemade stuff.  I just don't feel like I sew/craft/cook whatever good enough to give stuff away.  It's the same reason I always chicken out of opening an Etsy shop!  

If we ever do homemade gifts again, we're going to have to start a lot earlier in the year though!  We were down to the wire with some of the things we did, (the ones I didn't take pictures of! ha!), and that kind of takes the fun out of everything!

I also learned that big bellies and rolling out lots of cinnamon rolls don't go well together.  My belly is right at counter-height and that made things really interesting.  ;)

After Christmas we switched from holiday mode, to baby prep mode!  Thanks to my sister-in-law sending me her stash of newborn diapers, and some great Black Friday and seconds sales on cloth diapers, our newborn stash is officially complete!  These are just newborn diapers, not including all the one-size diapers that H wore, and is now done with.  Needless to say, this little lady should be set on diapers! I also think she might have the cutest little fluffy tush ever, I love all her diapers! :)

And speaking of our sweet little lady, here we are at 29 weeks, (so 3 1/2 weeks ago already!).  

I feel like my belly is so much bigger this time, and I'm already getting uncomfortable.  It doesn't help that my precious almost two year old is always climbing all over me and poking/elbowing/kneeing me in the belly.  ha!  I should say, he really doesn't mean to hurt me, he just loves to sit with me.  You can't be mad at him for being sweet, even if it does hurt sometimes. ;)

I've been working on making new curtains for H's big boy room.  I ordered the fabric back in October, and have just been putting it off.  Curtains are the easiest things to sew, because they're just loooong straight lines, but they're just not my favorite things to do.  There's a lot of fabric involved, and I'm always scared I'm going to make a mistake and ruin a lot of fabric.  I have one panel done, but still have to bite the bullet and get the other one finished.  I'm making them with blackout lining, and it's amazing how much darker his room is with just one panel up!  Maybe we should have done them a long time ago so we could get some more sleep. ha!

We repainted the wainscoting in our office.  Last March we painted it grey and we just never felt fully confident in our choice.  We liked the way it looked, but just didn't know.  Once the living room ceiling was finished, the grey wainscoting seemed like it just didn't fit well with the rest of the house.  We repainted it the same Benjamin Moore White Dove that we used on the trim, fireplace, and ceiling in the living room, and we're so happy with it!  

Here's a little side-by-side comparison of the room when we bought the house, and now:

We also worked on picking fabric and paint for C's nursery.  Who knew there were so many different, (clashing!), shades of pink!  It took forever to pick a paint color!

Once we finally picked a pink, (Benjamin Moore Light Quartz that we had color matched at Lowe's so we could use the Olympic no-VOC paint), we also painted H's old changing, (Olympic Ebb Tide), table to go in sister's room.  

And here's the newly mint changing table in her newly pink room:  

I'm excited to see it, but we still have SO much to do in there!  At least it's starting to come together though! :)  

Our other on-going project right now, is trying to stock our freezer.  We had a little freezer stash of meals before H was born and it was a lifesaver!  I LOVE having pre-made meals in the freezer on nights when I don't want to fix dinner, and it saves us from going out to eat.  Our goal is to have at least a month worth of food in our freezer stash before C is born, but we'll see where we end up.  In the past two weeks we've put up strawberry freezer jam, (easiest stuff ever!  I need to do a separate post about it!!),  chicken stock, chicken caccciatore, black beans, bean burritos, chicken taquitos, taco meat, vegetable beef soup, beef fajita meat, stuffed peppers, fried rice, shredded chicken, cooked ground beef, and I think a couple other things.  

So, that's what we've been doing the past six weeks or so!  Lots of trying to finish up projects and lots of baby prep!  We still have a pretty big to-do list for the next few weeks, (don't we always?), so I'm not sure how regularly I'll be posting, but hopefully a little more regularly than I have been!  I hope you all have been well!!! :)


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  1. Wow, you've been busy, busy, busy. Hope you all are better now. Good luck getting the final preparations ready for that new baby. Great job at stocking the freezer - that will be so helpful for sure. Love the office white paint update. Turned out great.

  2. You look beautiful :)

  3. I hope I didn't pressure you to come back to blogging with saying I missed your posts on facebook! haha. I think the office looks 100x better than it did before with the new paint and all those cloth diapers are SO cute! Welcome back to blogging :)
    (Oh and all of her cloth diapers are SO cute)


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