A Little Nursery Progress

We've had a crazy busy few weeks around, but I wanted to pop in and give y'all a few updates!  First off, I'm now 36 weeks pregnant! INSANE!!  In some ways it feels like it has gone by so incredibly quickly, and in other ways I am really beginning to feel like I have been pregnant forever!  It's definitely been rougher this time around than when I was pregnant with H, mostly because I'm chasing him around all the time.  I've only taken a handful of bump photos, but I feel like I look so much older and more tired than I do in the pictures when I was pregnant just two years ago.  I guess being almost 30 and having an almost 2 year old will age you a little bit! ;)

We've finally started really making progress on the new nursery.  I don't think I've ever shared a single picture of this room, because it was just our spare 3rd bedroom.  We knew that it would most likely remain a spare room for junk and the occasional family guests, unless we unexpectedly got pregnant.   Basically, with all the other crazy projects we've had on the docket for this house, this spare room was rock-bottom on the priority list.  Except that all the sudden it got skyrocketed to the top!   Here are a couple before photos though:

Definitely a blank slate.

I shared a little peak of one corner of the room a few weeks ago where you could see the new pink paint job.  Here's that photo again to refresh your memory:

Well, turns out that innocent little pink paint caused quite the chain reaction.  You see when we painted the walls pink, suddenly the ceiling paint looked awful.  It looked dirty and dingy, and a really unappealing greige color.   No problem, we just took our happy selves to Lowe's and picked up a can of the Olympic no VOC ceiling paint and came home and painted the ceiling.  Problem solved, right?

I forgot to take a picture before we painted the ceiling, but in this pic you can see the dingy line that's the old ceiling color.  yikes!

Wrong.  The walls looked great.  The ceiling looked great, but the trim then looked like this:

More dingy beige.

Thankfully after a coat of Kilz Premium (it's no VOC) and a coat of the leftover paint we used on the living room ceiling, the trim is looking a LOT better!

Now we just need to cover up that pesky line where you can see the old ceiling color with some crown moulding!  We actually got the crown last Friday night, and had planned to install it last weekend, but  my car decided it wanted to act up, so car repairs kind of took precedence.   The trim is still hanging out in the sunroom safely away from the toddler, ready to be painted and installed this weekend. ;)

While husband has been busy painting the room, I've been working on a few sewing projects.  The only one I have complete is a little blanket I made from scraps for another project I hope to finish soon:

But I still have a BIG long list of sewing projects that need to be completed, including making a bed skirt from these three pink fabrics:

I know this is kind of a boring update, because it's mostly prep work, but hopefully we'll have a more exciting look at the nursery soon!  My goal is to have it finished by the end of this month.  Every thing for it has been ordered except new curtains, (I've been holding out for a sale or coupon code, but might just have to bite the bullet and pay full price soon).  We still need to paint and install crown moulding, install a new ceiling fan, install new blinds, paint some furniture, and finish all those pesky sewing projects.

In the meantime, this little corner is kind of my sanity and preview of things to come:

It's still not finished or perfect, (those curtains are the old ones from H's room and will be replaced, more stuff will be on the walls, add in some pillows, etc.), but I've loved that "For Like Ever" poster for years, and I love seeing it hanging in there.  Even at 9 months pregnant, I still can't believe we're having another baby or that we're having a baby girl!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!



  1. Super cute! Can't wait to see the final product :)

  2. Good luck on finishing up those projects. Fresh coat of paint looks great now!

  3. Awe its amazing what fresh paint can do to a wall...
    My daughter is 3 months and I am still fixing her nursery . Etsy has some wonderful stuff for babys room. you ought to check it out.
    can't wait to see the finished product..
    xo marissa

  4. I'm dying to see the finished product & see pictures of this sweet baby girl!


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